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AT T, Cisco, GE, IBM And Intel Form Industrial Internet Consortium

AT T、思科、通用电气、IBM和英特尔成立工业互联联盟

AT T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel announce the formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an open membership group focused on breaking down the barriers of technology silos to support better access to big data with improved integration of the physical and digital worlds. The consortium will enable organizations to more easily connect and optimize assets, operations and data to drive agility and to unlock business value across all industrial sectors.

AT T、思科、通用电气、IBM和英特尔宣布成立工业互联联盟(IIC),一个开放的成员团体,致力于打破技术孤立壁垒,通过促进物理世界和数字世界的融合,支持更好地访问大数据。该联盟将使各个组织能够更便利地连接随后社会和民营资本开始进入和优化资产、操作及数据,以提高灵活性,释放所有工业领域的商业价值。

An ecosystem of companies, researchers and public agencies is emerging to help drive adoption of Industrial Internet applications, a foundational element for accelerating the Internet of Things. The IIC is a newly formed not-for-profit group with an open membership that will take the lead in establishing interoperability across various industrial environments for a more connected world. Specifically, the IIC s charter will be to encourage innovation by:


Utilizing existing and creating new industry use cases and test beds for real-world applications;

Delivering best practices, reference architectures, case studies, and standards requirements to ease deployment of connected technologies;

Influencing the global standards development process for Internet and industrial systems;

Facilitating open forums to share and exchange real-world ideas, practices, lessons, and insights;

Building confidence around new and innovative approaches to security.






We are at the precipice of a major technological shift at the intersection of the cyber and physical worlds, one with broad implications that will lead to substantial benefits, not just for any one organization, but for humanity, said Janos Sztipanovits, E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Director of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), Vanderbilt University. Academia and industry understand the need to identify and establish new foundations, common frameworks and standards for the Industrial Internet, and are looking to the IIC to ensure that these efforts come together into a cohesive whole.

范德堡大学软件集成系统研究院院长、E. Bronson Ingram工程学杰出教授Janos Sztipanovits表示: 我们正处于络世界和物理世界交汇历经重大技术变革的重要时期。这场技术变革具有广泛影响,能够带来实实在在的利益,不仅可以造福于任何一个组织,而且还能造福于全人类。学术界和工业界均理解为工业互联确定和建立新基础、共同框架和标准的必要性,并期望工业互联联盟确保这些工作能够汇聚成一个紧密结合的整体。

As founding members, AT T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel will each hold permanent seats on an elected IIC Steering Committee along with four other elected members. The Steering Committee will provide leadership and governance to help organizations capitalize on this vast opportunity.

作为创始成员,AT T、思科、通用电气、IBM和英特尔将在选出的工业互联联盟指导委员会中各自拥有永久席位,其他四席由选出的会员出任。指导委员会将负责执行领导和管理工作,以帮助各个组织利用这一巨大机遇。

Given the imp继续到负向最大值ortance of this technology, the federal government is investing over $100 million/year in R D related to cyberphysical systems, and has been partnering with the private sector on a series of testbeds in areas such as healthcare, transportation, smart cities, and increasing the security of the electric grid.


By linking physical objects to the full power of cyberspace, the Industrial Internet promises to dramatically reshape how people interact with technology, said Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. The Administration looks forward to working with public-private collaborations li1、改造后各项控制参数可自动标定;ke the new IIC to turn innovative Industrial Internet products and systems into new jobs in smart manufacturing, health care, transportation and other areas.

美国商务部部长Penny Pritzker表示: 通过将物理对象与络空间的全部力量相连接,工业互联有望大幅重塑人类与技术的互动方式。美国政府期待携手像新建立的工业互联联盟这样的公私合作团体,把创新的工业互联产品和系统转化成智能制造、医疗保健、交通运输和其他领域的新就业岗位。

The IIC is open to any business, organization or entity with an interest in accelerating the Industrial Internet. In addition to gaining an immediate, visible platform for their opinions, consortium members will join in developing critical relationships with leaders in technology, manufacturing, academia and the government on working committees. The IIC will be managed by Object Management Group (OMG), a nonprofit trade association in Boston, MA.

工业互联联盟向任何有志于推动工业互联发展的企业、组织或实体开放。除了可立即获得可见的意见平台以外,联盟成员还将参与跟常务委员会的技术、制造、学术和政府领导者的关系拓展。工业互联联盟将由马萨诸塞州波士顿的非营利性贸易协会 对最好的办法是在实际使用条件下对实物进行评价象管理集团(OMG)进行管理。